Mimosa in the Spring


While living in France, on weekends I was able to venture away from Versailles and see different areas of the country. On a wonderful springish weekend, in early February, I decided to go on a trek named The Route du Mimosa to see what everyone in the perfume industry was talking about. Apparently, when these little yellow pompon flowers erupt, it is a sign winter is coming to a close, and the newness of spring is upon us. Route du Mimosa, roughly 80 miles long, and encompasses the villages of Bormes les Mimosa to the perfume capital of Grasse, offered not only spectacular views of the region, (where Provance meets the Cote d’Azur,) but the magnificent smell was undeniably what spring is meant to smell like!

Right now is when I wish our technology offered us smell-o-vision, but alas, you’ll just have to take my word on what this delicate little flower smells like. When coming upon the first town on my stop, named Tanneron, the heady honey mixed with a cucumber that has turned into a flower, was the first time I had smelled this flower...except I was smelling hundreds of thousands of them. What a delicate and yet luscious smell! The smell was simply everywhere...which was fine with me! On this part of the route, is where a mimosa forest can be found, and is a wonder to see!

Not only can you see and smell mimosa everywhere, but you can also find liqueurs infused with the sunshine of spring, white chocolate truffles and even pastries with the rich “cream custard” that is made from the blooms of Mimosa. So, if you are looking for a way to chase away the winter blues, I suggest taking a trip in late January, spanning to the first part of March, for a truly enchanting view and opportunity to smell this beautiful little flower in person. 


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