Bijou Hills for Her

As a little girl, imagine living only 30 miles away from, what was in my imagination, a mix of exotic tropical and a mysterious desert, thanks to her parents never clarifying their description of the Bijou Hills. All they ever told me, when I would ask what was there, “It’s a far away place.”

I remember on hot summer days, the heat vapors that you could see, that would distort and create a sort of mirage of the Bijou Hills. Making them look like mountains in the very far off distance. Having looked at every single National Geographic magazine, over and over, that I could find in our house (I was too young to read,) I soon had a fascination for wild animals that were lions, giraffe, elephant and camels, plus all the flowers that grew in this locations on the other side of the world.

This is how Bijou Hills for her, came into existence. Creating a fragrance that had jasmine  and amber notes were the main focus for this perfume. It needed the sweet musky smell of the amber dancing with the intoxicating smell of jasmine. However, in my little girl mind, it had to have coffee (Mom sure drank a lot of it when I was little!) Plus, on occasion, when Mom made coffee, she would make me coco, so I could pretend to be older, like Mom!

All in all, the Bijou Hills is still an intriguing area for me. It is located on the prairie of south central South Dakota, and just east of the Missouri River south of Chamberlain. Pioneers settled in the area in the early 1800’s, so their is a bit of rich history connected to this far away place. I hope you may all visit this unique place, and will enjoy the articles that come from the website 

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